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Securing Properties Professionally

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American Defense Systems understands the importance of security. Be it for a residential or a commercial building, we know that in some hours of the day, you spaces are left unattended and are vulnerable from being entered by suspicious individuals. Although it is possible to be physically present in your properties to protect it, it is not practical. The human body can only do so much, before it tells you that you are tired and bored. Moreover, if you come face-to-face with sudden danger, you might not be able to alert the authorities immediately.

 One great thing about the 21st century is that there are a lot of systems that have been created to improve the security capabilities of your properties. That is why we, at American Defense Systems, are happy to provide your spaces with various systems that are designed to protect your area, as well as detect potential threats in real time.

Whatever You Need We Have Got You Covered

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems are an effective way to know that your living spaces are being attended to 24/7. Innumerable cases of burglaries, vandalism, and situations such as property damage due to accidents, can create a serious financial and emotional dilemma. With our advanced equipment and installations, you will be able to avoid these catastrophes while keeping an eye on your home at any time, and from any location. Our home security system options include:

  • CCTV Monitors
  • Cameras
  • Access Panels

Interactive Security Systems

Fashioning your buildings with modern security systems grants you an immediate and trustworthy response. Our interactive security systems are cut above the rest because besides being able to scroll through its video history and check if anything has been breached while it was running, you can set it the way you want anytime, anywhere.

Home Automation Systems

Systems that fall under this category will allow you to rest at ease while you are away from home. Our home automation systems are easy to understand and control. They are flexible, versatile, and give you the power to even monitor unexpected events (e.g. power outages), and turn on specific electronic devices such like speakers and air conditioning units.

Business Security Systems

Protecting your investment is always a wise move, and what better way to secure your business than having a watchful eye around the clock. Thieves, lazy employees, and unforeseen circumstances, are common situations when owning an establishment. You can monitor all of these and more with our business security systems. We also offer other commercial systems: cameras and access panels.

Keep your properties safe and alert today! Give us a call by dialing: 469-240-2029. You may also visit our contact page here for further questions and details.

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