Photo Frame vs. Keypad

January 25, 2019

Protecting your home is important, but do we really need to stick up a giant block with a keypad on it? Your security panel is the most important part of your home security system, but it doesn't have to be so... unpleasant to look at?


Not anymore.




The IQ Panel 2 offers a built-in Photo Frame App that allows you to customize the photos you view when the touch-screen is not being used. You can upload your own pictures using a micro-sd memory card. Change out pictures from season to season like Christmas pictures in the winter, or family vacation pictures to prep you for your next big trip!


With LTE, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, your IQ Panel 2 will also stay connected with smart connection redundancies. Using LTE, your panel will be online using 4G; if your power is out, your battery backup and wireless connection will keep you protected. Wifi enables your panel to automatically pull new software and firmware updates OTA (or Over The Air). No more scheduling services for technicians come out to flash your system. 


The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 also offers a list of features that come built in to the panel. There is a built in glass break detector, which uses a unique algorithm to detect a breaking window; not a dropped glass of juice. You also have a built in camera, which takes a picture of anyone that disarms the system. Get these pictures sent to your smartphone, or Apple watch. 


Learn more about the Qolsys Panel by clicking here


Call today to learn more about the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and get your home protected with American Defense Systems. 877-287-3077

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