Smart Security at your Vacation Home

September 25, 2019

It is happening all over the country. People are shutting down their vacation homes. Now, some folks may hold out until Columbus day, but the first week of Fall is typically the week people start draining water systems, shutting down power supplies at the panel, and locking up every entry point. Whether it’s your hunting lodge up in the woods, a mountain home by the lake or a beach house out by the coast, your vacation home needs to be secured throughout the winter months.



With a smart home security system, you can do more than secure your home with just a basic system. Home automation allows you to proactively protect and monitor your vacation home year round. And with the mobile app, you can check in visually with smart home surveillance.



Your vacation home may not have all of the high-tech video and audio equipment you have in your ‘year-round’ home, but break-ins can still happen. The truth is, many vacation homes are known to be vacation homes. When the lights go down in September, they typically don’t go back on until the Spring. When a potential burglar sees that Brinks Home Security yard sign or outdoor cameras, this acts as a deterrent. Adding things light smart lighting schedules can also keep people guessing if someone is home!



Many homeowners that have a summer house will schedule annual repairs or maintenance in the winter months after they head home for the season. If you have scheduled cleaning crews that come in to clean your home, with a smart lock you can give them an entry code so you won’t have to deal with spare keys. You can generate a new code that only functions while they are supposed to be there, and you can delete the code when their service ends.




The remote door lock can help control traffic, but what about controlling the temperature? When you leave your summer home you may want to rent it out – friends, family members or even students if your summer home is close to a college. With a smart thermostat, you can make sure your guests are keeping your energy bills to a minimum, or if they are paying the energy bill as part of your agreement they will appreciate keeping costs down.


If there is no one staying in your summer home, a smart thermostat can help mitigate pipe breaks or water leaks in the cold winter months. Having control when a dreaded ‘bombogenesis’ rolls through, or serious drop in temperature takes place, you will be thankful that you can increase the heat without having to drive all the way out. Just grab your smartphone, and adjust the temperature accordingly.  



Video cameras will allow you to see what is going on in, or around your property when you are away. If your second home is very remote, not filled with valuables or heirlooms, you may not need to take it this far – HOWEVER – security cameras provide unparalleled visibility into your summer home from anywhere, using the mobile application.


We can customize a system for your home and your budget. Call today to learn more about protecting and automating your home (or summer home) with American Defense Systems: 877-287-3077

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